"I love to use wax for designing my jewelry. With the ancient technique of 'lost wax casting', the wax piece will be casted in solid metals, like gold or silver.  During this proces, the original wax piece will disappear and be replaced by the solid metal. So, when I've made an unique piece of jewelry out of wax by hand, it can be casted only once, resulting in a very unique piece of jewelry, a true 'one of a kind'. Wax is ideal to work with. I have an intuitive way of working and I need to be able to make changes in the design. Working with wax allows me to make designs which hardly can be made in metal straight away. A design is finished when it 'feels right', only then I will have it casted. After casting, there is still a lot of work to do. The jewelry have to get cleaned, polished and stones have to be set. When the design is right, it's like the piece of jewelry has always been there, only needed to be found. Jewelry with a soul..."

- Christine -

"Jewelry with a soul..."

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