Ring Memento with diamonds 14k

Handmade elegant ‘Memento more’  ring with two 1,5mm diamonds. Made as a unique piece, build from wax as a one of a kind piece and casted and transformed into 14k gold. Itis a size 17/ EU 54/ US 6,5. You will receive the ring as pictured.

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The ringband is ca. 17mm wide. Skull ø 6mm x 5mm. A similar ring can be made upon request. Just send me a message for possibilities and/or prices

Memento mori translates to “remember you must die“. It is a medieval Latin Christian theory that focuses reflections on death not as a morbid practice but as an inspiration to truly live. The philosophy intends its practitioners to live for a cause rather than in the pursuit of earthly goods as everything is temporary. It also connects to the symbolism of Pluto and the 8th house in astrology; letting go of old habits in order to become someone new. Inspiration for this ring comes from the beauty within the transformational proces.