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On Instagram someone asked me how much time it costs to make a ring. I thought about it and wanted to type an answer, but realized it wasn’t an easy question. Because, how long…? Eh… no idea… Which time you want to count? The making of one ring? Or the time spend before? The time from the start, when an idea pops up and runs through my head? Or the time after that, when making some sketches (just to visualize and remember my ideas, it’s not designed on paper). Or, carving the first ring from wax, or direct in metal? And do you count time for sharpening the first designs and sometimes start all over again? Or the time spend to let the idea pass for a long time, before you look at it again and think ‘he… it might be something’… Or the time spend waiting, for instance when a ring has to be casted, or when it has to be ‘pickled’ after soldering, or when it gets tumbled? To me it’s a proces, which can’t be seperated in different parts… A bit too long for Instagram ;)


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