Zodiak ring Aries

I loved to make this ring, which I made it for myself. My sign is Aries and I wanted a ring, which shows my inner strength, as I am an Aries on the inside, not on the outside. Sun in Aries, but my ascendant is completely the opposite. Who knows me, doesn’t suspect me to be an Aries at first. When they know me better, they do. A strong garnet to keep me grounded, two diamonds aside to keep my head clear and as a symbol for my two loved ones. Two curved horns, well… yes, I’m Aries.

The proces, making the wax model

As with many of my jewelry I made the ring in wax first. It’s like making a sculpture. I add and remove wax, making a rough shape, see if it’s going to be what I have in mind. When the feel is right, I start to refine the wax model, which can be a very time consuming proces.

The casted ring in 18ct gold

When the wax model was ready, the ring was casted in 18ct gold. After casting there is still a lot of work to be done. Sawing, filing, sanding… cleaning and polishing. And after that, the most tricky part; to set the stones.


Sometimes I make illustrations as a part of designing jewelry. This is an illustration which can be transformed to a ring or pendant. It’s part of the proces of visualising ideas.